Friday, November 13, 2009

A-Wall Surprise

Location: Calvert City, Kentucky Site: BP back parking lot - between two semis.

We pulled in to a BP gas station lot at about 2am. I couldn't wait to get off the road after our encouter with Uncle Buck. I saw 5 more deer, road-side and countless road kill between Washington County, IL and Calvert City, Kentucky.

The BP had a sign posted indicating both semis and RVs were allowed to park there. Finally!

Jay was able to get the camper set up quickly (I LOVE our Chalet) and we carried the kids to bed. After a few "where are we?," "where are we going?" questions, and our promises that the heater would warm them soon, they drifted back to sleep.

So, where are we going? It's been a secret for so long... Our oldest has a November birthday and has been envious that we always camp for his brother's July birthday but we don't go camping for his (brrr...). So his parents schemed. We planned. We made reservations. And when our oldest woke this morning on his 7th birthday, we handed him a present: custom maps and a Birnbaum's kid's book.

And now the boys finally know! We're headed to Walt Disney World where we'll camp at Disney's Fort Wilderness Resort and Campgrounds. We'll be A-Wall 10 days, half on the road.

The birthday boy put it best, "This is something we ALL can enjoy!"

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